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Avery Karkosh | About Me:

All of my life I've been involved heavily with music and the performing arts! My past experience(s) include working in Top 40's Radio, touring and narrating in a World Class Drum Corps show, and obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Communication. I have a passion for creating memorable times to look back on using clear and concise communication, and my knowledge of music. Who doesn't like their event to flow smoothly? In my free time I enjoy keeping up with the latest music, and I believe giving it your all is the best way to take on life. I'd love to schedule a time to discuss your vision! :)

I specialize with Emceeing (background in Radio), knowledge of music popular as of now (hip hop/pop are my personal favorite genre(s), and I choose to always operate with full control over my dance floor lighting! I believe particular dance floor lighting (in sync with music) can be almost just as helpful as a great song choice to help people to know how/want to move & dance! I'm all about operating with the utmost professionalism!

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